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We need goverment on the internet otherwise CHAOS?

Maybe its true ... Maybe its not ... self governance ... anarchy... its close .. very close.. i love it... crap how do you spell chaos....kaos or caos ...man this is a dumb post way to go ... ill probably get kicked of blogger now.... wait hold on a sec i think that there might be a way.. to yes go back to the future with the flexcabackspace key.. but now its too late you like the unedited unscripted improv writing cause its less work than editing similar concept which your trying to market/advertise/sell truth is much easier just said than edited... keep it simple stupid.... from now on i will never reread what i type even if it makes no sense + has spelling errors.... wait that sounds stupid...it would turn out as complete usless chaos.. dude quit talking i dont even know what im typing anymore

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