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Fast foward to 38:30 its Chad and Steve! On charlie rose! ... cool people youtube is about community... read their blog here.. its gotta be hard to now have so much responsibility with all that venture money and stuff...
Responsibility Whats that?
Responsibility Not quite yet
Responsibility I dont want to think about it we'd be better off without it... i don't want to think about it.

I love youTube... its getting so big now... we can't let "the man" bring it down
keep the revolution alive dudes!

if you want more personal media ...go to you tube find chad and steve and jawed

YourPersonal enterprise studio... opensource open ideas open modification .... gpl creative commons .. user relevent adds... who can compete against community...
created by you not companies... people...
Time people of the year! YOU

Peace Love & RocknRoll !

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