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Aurora Aksnes

 Aurora te AMO !  Aurora I’m so excited that you are still making art and music ... I feel like I have to tell you right now before you release anything new that I’m so grateful to have found you.  I’m nervous imagining in the possibility that you could read this.. I’ve never felt like this before ..  but when you walked (& sang ) into my life i could feel my life begin..

Your music sends an ocean through my veins ... & i love you ... te amo .. te amo

 (😬 stephanie 😎😘 love you too)

I love aurora & people that Give into the love... Here are some warriors & weirdos that have existed for love & helped me believe in magic 

Thanks to Najm  Brittany Stephanie & Maelle 

Planing to make a video vlog about my adventures to NYC Nov 14 Concert & to thank the people i love in my life & dedicating it to all the warriors that got me through 2020 

Coming soon to my youtube -- here

written with amor,

warrior & weirdo ... sergio legorreta

Also a 

How to build an Aurora Magic Music Box ... Under Construction ...  videos also coming soon!

 The Parts

Research Video Playlist on Similar Projects

Also research on theoretical physics & the magic transfer of love & light experiments through music


Peace Love & RocknRoll !

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