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Sergio Legorreta: Research

Sergio Legorreta: Research Hola!! Thanks for visiting here.. YouStudiO is a work in progress. It is still in Research & Development / Prototype stage. If you are interested in finding out more you can contact sergio.. or add YouStudio as a friend & once its ready I will send you a message

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Revolution, & Creation Research in the Digital world.. This is a playlist of some videos related to completing my project @ YouStudiO.org.. I believe in Creation.. Some of the ideas & ideals in "open source" thinking greatly reflect the Philosophy and approach to the what im trying to do.. although most of these videos are about the digital world. The core concepts of equality, community, & freedom this way of thinking brings to digital creation should be shared both in the computer world and in humanity. What gives more power to individuals & makes us more equal - benefits all.

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