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Pink with Paul Sutin
Dinemec One Studios
Currently on tour across Europe promoting her latest album "I'm Not Dead", Pink came to Dinemec Studios to record her next single. Following her outstanding peformance at the Geneva Arena on the 17th of December, Pink chose Dinemec to record the vocals to a new song which will be released in 2007.
While preparing the tracks which she sang on a Neumann U47 valve mic, Pink was thrilled with the acoustics in Studio 1 saying "I just love this sound, I'm doing my next gospel album here!".
Paul Sutin, Producer, assisted by Greg Epps at the mixing desk, had the tracks ready for a perfectly executed performance. As was to be expected with a professional such as Pink, the session ran smoothly and was wrapped up in a matter of hours… Says Paul, "I'm amazed at her voice, she's a lovely person too. It's been great working with her."
Pink, who will be finishing her "I'm Not Dead" tour in Australia during April and May, has been nominated at the 2007 Grammy Awards in the category "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance".

From Dinemec Studios News (www.dinemec.com)

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Found this post on the dinemec site..  Paul Sutin is an awesome teacher and person.. I want to go back to Geneva Switzerland!  I still cant believe I got to hang out with Paul and others at that studio during my media internship avec the Little Dreams Foundation  a few years back.  Dinemec has grown so much ever since they built the new studio.
One day I will go back ...miss those times
it is in writing now ...so it will happen.. Rock on & Long live Dinemec Studios! 

Peace Love & RocknRoll !

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