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Yea I went to Harvard.....the website

How about them apples! I got her email and this link sent from my good friend Crystal Ginn who is now in New York - if she can make it there she can make it anywhere cause she is always hunting for good will...

Scene 5 - Harvard Bar Cool blogger friend notices cute girls at a table and makes his move....

cool blogger friend - "hey i think i had a class with you"
cool harvard girl - "really? what class"
cool blogger friend " uh history yea history"
mean harvard dude interrupting in a condescending tone "Yea I remember that class it was right inbetween recess and lunch... " then he pushes him off to the side as mean harvard friends laugh..
cool harvard girl " Go away.. leave him alone"
mean harvard dude "there's no problem... i was just seeing if my new friend here could give me an insight into the evolution of the southern servers in the U.S. colonies.. my contention is that prior to the revolutionary war the asp.net and other modalities could most appley be categorized as frontpage extensions with anti-net neutrality web 2.0"
open source dude
steps in-"yea well I read that too wikipedia webpage 98 ... is that your thing you just go to other peoples blogs and plagiarize the whole site... then you pawn it off as your own idea just to try and impress some girl at a bar while regurgitating the evolution of market online economies bla bla bla BS to try to embarrass my friend ...you got some N.U.R.V. like in Antitrust the movie..."
harvard dude -(confused look)
open source dude -"see the sad thing about a guy like you is that in 50 years your going to sit down and actually start some thinking on your own finding out that there are two certainties in life.. 1. - don't do that and 2. - you wasted 150 grand on an education you could have gotten for $1.50 in late charges at a public library with wifi."
mean harvard dude
"yea well at least i'll have degree and you'll be serving fries to my kids on our way to a ski trip"
open source dude "Well that may be true but at least I won't be unoriginal + i'll get to hang out with my cool friends Crystal & Tj and eat caramels at the the coffee cartel.

cool harvard girl "How about them apples"

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