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So a couple a weeks ago I posted a blog about PayPal as a good way to quickly setup and start selling your art, music, movies, and whatever cool stuff you can create online..

Been reading more in the library ... I really like a lot of the For Dummies series cause they usually are straight to the point...

An E commerce chapter from Web Pages For Dummies lists couple solutions for dealing with transactions online and i felt that I should list more of these options...

E-commerce online can take minutes to set up or "mucho tiempo" depending on the type you choose ....

Difficulty level High
Build Your own using Web Programing with Perl C ++ Php or Java

Difficulty Medium
Hosted or Off the Shelf software
Variety of software vendors ... search google (or whichever search engine you like) for e commerce solutions ...some of the big ones are monstercommerce (im not recommending them or have any opinion on these as I have not personally bought any of their services.. good luck finding your choice

Difficulty Easy!
Simplified - Ecommerce
www.Clickbank.com - Activation fee $10 a month + 9% of purchases over 100 - Physical goods
www.ccnow.com - $50 activation fee + $17.5% per sale - Digital goods
paydirect.yahoo.com - $.30 + 2.5% per sale - No activation fee
www.PayPal.com - $.30 + 2.9% Per sale - No activation fee
( $ #s from Web Development for Dummies Series)

So yea the fastest easiest solution is something like paypal or yahoo..

I don't know if the % numbers are still exact I think this book was printed in 2005 so theres probably a few more options now and hopefully better % for users. As more and more transactions are being done online i think it should lower the costs that you lose for making electronic transactions

One of my Web teachers back in webster told me when he was helping mom & pop shops back in the earlier web days .. he would create a simple script that would send the credit card numbers to their email address. So all that the "Mom & Pop Shop" owner would just type it in one of those credit card readers you see at every gas station/bar/restaurant ect.. (simple + the owner could save money on transaction fees..

Definitley not the safest solution for customers.. but it got the job done... :)

He should have stuck a nice logo of "VerynotSeccuresign"

well got to go but SSL is not the way i get trust .. trust no one ;)

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