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March of the Penguins 2.0

A long time ago....

In a network far far away....

Marc Andreeson & Jim Clark were riding Mozilla the last dinasour who is our friend and a whole lot more. Tom Paquin pulls out his X11 to scope out the area with his SGI vision and GL telescope and spots an indian... They see Brian Behlendorf a member of the Apache tribe searching for Tiger lily while singing at www.hypereal.org. His music catches the ears of Scott Bradner helping him find the next protocol for Arpanet and the IETF. Long before Richard Stallman a friend of moses parts the Operating Systems in two with GNU as Emacs and sheep follow the free software movement. Eric Steven Raymond plays his flute to the Emacs as they cross and uses Tae Kwon Do + his gun protect others like Michael Tieman who only got C++ in his report cards but did well finding Solutions at Cygnus.
Linus Torvalds and friends like Alan Cox came walking along like penguins in tuxedos
"Hey Linus" David Miller shouts "Your kernel is showing!"
Bruce Perens responds " He knows... his kernel is exposed.. Debian's is too!"
Eric Raymond "Yea Its O.K ... Pixar already shot 3D renders of his kernel for PlayPenguin Magazine (written by Chris Dibona) however Warner Brothers made something a little more classy"
More and more follow and it begins to be a March of The Penguins...
(Original movie is Awesome! Watch trailer)
Jim Hamerly is always watching using his Escape to the Net with his WYSIWYG Netscape. his unique to the x power friend Kirk Mckusick contacts the IEEE and Tim O'rielly already begins writing his book about the march, movement, and revolution giving voices to Opensources. Bob Young reads this and puts on his Red hat. He always kept a well written Journal himself so he knew how to help his Penguin friends enter the buisiness world. Intel put on a little more intelegence back then and now since they found out how to keep the doctor away meanwhile Paul Vixie is doing his best to connect everyone with his DNS cause packages are hard to send with so much dynamic information.

"Open standards simplify things at the Internet software consortium igloo." Paul says

Larry Wall cuts a circle in the ice and swims to the bottom ocean floor. There he finds a Perl in the lost city of Unix which he then takes to UCLA to metaconfig his JPL and sends an email to Sam Ockman to start Penguin Computing. Later Goerge S. Martin B. and Jaromil team up to help a lonely mexican penguin who is new to this iceland but luckily Sergey Brin and Larry Page help him find the real answer in this cold world... "Just search for it" The quest begins in a neverending number of 0's but with determination in his search he finds some good pals who earn pay because of good services to the community - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim yell "Dude quit your blogging.. why don't you go make a video about it."

Noob Mexican Penguin "You're right videos are youniversal and much easier to understand than this nonsense" ...Penguins could write books like Mark Stone but Matt Stone gets more viewers cause most don't have the time anymore to read inbetween the lines... however role models give us hope that one day all of us can earn wings, find real love, and join the march in pursuit of Happy Feet.

Peace Love & RocknRoll !

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