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hey Tomas Kalnoky...

"hey sergio.... "  - Tomas Kalnoky

Hey Tomas ...Yosarian you me its all connected...Tomas Kalnoky
You you try, you try to get by. You're never gonna pull it off you shouldn't even try, you're a wet cigarrete, you're always second best and you're never gonna give a shit about anybody but yourself...you fight for them to realize there's more to life there's more to you there's more than meets the eye.. and then when you're gone your battle's been won so you sit back you smile and this is what you hum ..I got no cash, got no girl, got no drugs, got no god, but I got the world in the palm of my hand and I don't care if you care or if you understand because i'm a little kid and I've got little problems and I don't give a shit if you don't understand because: I got me. That's all I need. And I live comfortably, and I sleep peacefully alone in my room with a bucket full of phlegm.. i don't need a music scene to tell me who i am should had warning should have came a year ago .. should have sent her a birthday card my conscious tells me no...so...run run run all you do is run but you can never run away from yourself its kinda sad how you lost what you had and your never gonna have it again.. i dont care what the stars may say they always "shoot the bull" to me j.d. salinger. You try to smile and it lasts for a while but they always send you back to the start. Eenie meenie miney mo they shoot down everyone you know and then they leave you there all alone. You wish they'd stop but they never give up and you know deep inside that you're stuck and so I say.. hey tomas 1234 1234

I don't need anyone... i don't need anyone... i don't need anyone to tell me how to feel ... i don't need anyone .. i don't need anyone to hate the world with me .

Peace Love & RocknRoll !

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